Monday, June 14, 2010

FX=Family Experience

It was apparent when we moved into our new building a couple of years ago that the way we used to do VBS wasn't going to work. So our fabulous children's ministers created an event geared toward families after attending several "Orange Conferences". I must first I was skeptical...I loved how we did VBS...but focusing on't disagree with that!!

Now we have FX for 4 nights during the week in the summer. I have to say...this year...was the best yet. I would like to brag on our children's ministry for a moment...honestly...I feel like we have 3 of the best ministers around. They love the Lord & have a passion for his kingdom work. My kids love each of them & love going to church. So...James...Aaron & our newest hirer...Josh...thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for truly loving the Lord & our showing it by providing a way for families to come together and worship our Lord & grow in His word.

Thought I would like share our week in pictures...BTW...found out a cool way on Iphoto to share these little post cards so I don't have to post a million pics!!!
Here is the stage...each night they have a's fun...exciting & filled with the word of God. They have a team of kids who lead worship! This week our virtue of the week was "Patience" needed that people!!!
Game Night...this balloon guy made all of these fun games!! See that cute mom & daughter on the bottom left...that's Keri & her sweet daughter...she is one of my followers I love!!
Ms. Pam Gave Jaden all these gumballs to see just how many could fit in his mouth!!! LOL!
And yes...we got slimed!!! You can buy tickets for $1 for your family to get slimed. Well....Jason Haynie decided to buy $20 worth of tickets for the Thomason we GOT IT! Luckily it was the same night as messy night at FX so we were able to just be dirty all night!!
Can you tell I am so excited?? They have a slime machine that one of our members's pretty cool actually. 
Messy night...shaving cream...a chocolate slip n slide...dunk whip...and much more!! This is the night I hurt my shoulder by trying to be a big kid...but it was FUN!!
These are some of our good friends we got dirty with!! Love you guys!!

So that is what we did each night last week. Loved it!! Love worshiping with my kids! We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry!! 


  1. Looks like tons of fun!! Hope your shoulder gets better soon. BTW, I like your new look on here :)

  2. Hey - awesome new blog look! did you do it yourself? I am lovin' it....

    Great post. I know that y'all had a blast and I just love me some VBS!

  3.'s a new feature on my blog dashboard. I haven't hardly been on in a week and it was there when I signed in the other day. I am on not sure if that is what you are on. Thanks girls!! I needed a facelift!! LOL!

  4. What a great time and a big deal. That VBS was rocking. The collages are great.
    that stage looks wonderful and the messy night sounded extremely messy...but fun of course.

  5. how did you make those postcard things on iPhoto?

  6. Love your new blog look!! FX sounds like tons of fun. I am a huge lover and fan of VBS, but this sounds awesome.

    Come by my blog if you get a chance and join in on the JOY!!

    Love and Blessings

  7. What a blast! Love seeing soooo many people and sooo many lives being touched, changed and on fire for the LORD!

    Love u

  8. Wow sounds like such a blast!!!

    I found you thru leading and loving it!!


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