Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celebrating 17 years of Marriage...

17 years ago I said "I do" to my sweet man in front of our family & friends. We were a mere 20 years old. WHAT...were our parents thinking letting us get married so young..??? Because the thought of my daughter getting married in less than 7 years...FREAKS THIS MOM OUT!! LOL!
Look at us...we were so clueless...I mean so happy...:) is only by God's grace & mercy that we have made it thru life together. We both just needed to grow up we did it together as a couple. You know they always say opposites attract...and that's us for sure in a lot of ways...but what binds us together is our love for Jesus Christ & our desire to serve him. I always think it's good for a couple to be opposite in some ways..
.keeps it real & pushes the other to grow! 
I saw Matt on top of a mountain in Colorado @ Youthquake. It's a trip that our youth groups took together. He is from Stillwater & I am from Owasso & our churches would frequently go on trips together. For was love at first sight pretty much. took him awhile to fall under my red-headed spell...:) He was shy with girls & kept his distance...just watching & observing. I was the wild red head that needed to be tamed and as time went on God worked on my heart & lead me to full time ministry. 
We both "ended up" at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO where we became instant friends & hung out with the same crowd. I have told the story about us before so I won't go there again. But we started dating our Jr. year in October...engaged in February...married in June.!

So here we are...17 years later...3 kids & serving God in His church. We are blessed more than we could have EVER imagined. Matt is my best friend...he listens to me...encourages me...loves me with an unconditional love...sees the good in me...he's trustworthy...faithful...makes me feel sexy...patient with me ( I require a lot)...adores me...there is no one else I would rather sit next too...hug...grow old with...and call my Husband. His love for the Lord is authentic...he truly lives it out in his daily life. 
Besides...He is just so darn cute!!! 
Happy  17th Anniversary Matt!!
I Love you


  1. Steph,

    Many, many happy blessings on 17th wonderful and beautiful years together. Please pass along my blessings to Matt that you continue to grow spiritually and physically deeper in love with each passing day.

    Come join me on my new blog below:

    I'd love to have you come and be a follower of mine.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. How sweet!! Happy anniversary! I pray that Eric and I can be like you all some day! Thanks for setting a great example! I was only 21 when I got married and like you, to think about Molly getting married then, no way!!

  3. Congrats girl! We were just babies!!! And thought we were so grown up :o)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Wow 17 years! What a blessed journey.

  5. Happy Anniversary ~ You two are such a wonderful godly couple! I am blessed when I see you together and know how much God uses both of you and yet blesses you with each other as well!
    Thanks for everything you are and shining brightly for Jesus in all you do!

  6. Happy anniversary! I was 20 too when I got married and wonder what in the world my parents were thinking letting me get married that young! Thankful God's at the center of this!


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