Friday, June 18, 2010

Badda Bing Badda BOOM...even the little things!

I am the wedding coordinator at our my job! 

Recently we purchased some new tablecloths for weddings...another little desire of my heart that God provided thru a conversation with a sweet lady in our church. But that is not what this blog is about really, but it is one aspect of it.

Saturday we had a wedding at the church & I am responsible for taking the tablecloths home & washing them. Honestly...I don't mind doing them. But as time goes on & we have more weddings I have struggled with the wear and tear on my washer & dryer...30 plus tablecloths is a lot of loads! So I thought...we have a couple in our church that has a dry cleaning service...I should ask her what she would charge to do them. Umm...and Shelly (which is a friend of mine from HS) @ Water Stone Cleaners about $1/ tablecloth...I was like WHAT did you just say? HOLY COW!! And they will pick them up from the church and deliver them once they are clean. I was speechless...WOW!! That was such a blessing!!

Yesterday they delivered the TBC and they look amazing!!! WOO HOO!! The only thing is...I was suppose to have 28...and I had 27. So I called and guess had fallen off the hanger & they are re-washing it and will deliver it on Monday. Talk about customer service done right people!!! I was VERY impressed with them! Use them for your dry cleaning!!! this just gets better really. See...I have 30 TBC & I was still missing 2 after the wedding. I searched all over the church. Called the mother of the bride...Pam... and asked her if the caterer had used any...
(SIDE NOTE: Salsa Noches did a salsa bar at the wedding...OUTSTANDING so if you want that at your or any gathering...let me know. ) and Pam said "no" she didn't 'think so.  Again...I was so baffled...sick...worried...woke up in the night and thought...I can't believe I have lost 2 brand  new TBCs!!! Really!!

So...I prayed when I was awake @ 4:00 am because my children had been camping and decided to come inside....another story... " me what I have done with those TBCs. I can't remember where I put them. I will feel so bad if they are lost...if someone has them...please let me figure it out!!"

Are you ready? This is where I wrap it all up? I know...finally right? I go to the chiropractor at 8:30 this morning. And Zena from Salsa Noches sits right next to me. We strike up a conversation...I say.."you didn't happen to use a couple of our TBCs at the wedding?" Zena: "Oh yes...I put them in the kitchen". I was like GET OUT! You are an answer to my prayers this morning!!! I have never seen Zena at the chiro before and that day...God brings her in those doors to answer my prayer about the TBCs
Badda Bing Badda BOOM! He cares for the little things in our lives....even tablecloths people!!!

I tell you this little silly Tablecloth story simply to tell you..God loves you. He cares for the little concerns  that seem like a big deal to us at the time. Trust to Him. He knows I would have worried & looked about this for awhile so he took care of it for me quick!!

3 blessings:
1. Provided new tablecloths
2. Water Stone Cleaners
3. Put Zena in my path

Have you experienced His blessings thru a simple little prayer lately and know he provided for you?


  1. I love stories like this. Good reminders that God cares about the big stuff AND the little stuff.

  2. What a wonderful God we serve!

  3. Great story and reminder of how much the Father cares for us. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Awesome story!! :)

  5. You are too cute. I love how God is so Badda Boom badda Bing right at the right time. Awesome for you! Wish I lived closer I would use that dry cleaner too.

  6. Bada bing Bada boom! It NEVER ceases to amaze me that some believe God doesn't care or want to be bothered with the little things! BUT HE IS SOOOOOOO in EVERYTHING and this is just AWESOME!! I love it :) He cares about EVERYTHING even tablecloths :)

  7. Love it! That's awesome! And I love the new look of the blog!


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