Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PCB Day 3

And that my friends...is a breakfast of champions!!! We don't buy stuff like this much at our house so Jaden is taking it all in. He is also fascinated with these wine glasses. It makes me smile. 
And before too long he is out on the beach doing this...he snorkels constantly and brings his treasures up to show us. Just excited about the last one as he is about the first one he catches. Infact, the only thing sunburn on the poor child is the top of his head!! 
This is our little "fort" for the week. Notice the movie star under the umbrella there...Ms. Brooke
Matt & I...:) He makes me smile..
Later we had a little pedi on the balcony...blue & purple toes for Brooke!
We walked along the pier by our condo.
The girls having fun
Our Condo
Ended our evening shopping @ Pier park & eating @ Five Guys...nothing like a good O burger & fries to top of your day at the beach!!

I took a few pics of the ocean tonight on the pier. I could honesty just take pictures all day out there. God's love is so wide & so deep for us. The ocean just captivates me. 


  1. Love the pics!! Guess we're both on our blogs late tonight. Enjoy your beautiful beach vacation. Looks like lots of fun!!

  2. Great pics! I totally love the ocean and the sky! Anything naturey I could take pics of all day! I am just so happy for you all and vacation!!

  3. Awesome pictures! I am living through you and your beach adventures this week!!!! LOL. :)
    So glad you are having an incredible time with your loved ones. You and Matt look so cute in that pic together. ;) i love simple ones up close like that.
    Keeping having fun and making memories.

  4. Wonderful pictures, looks like you all are having tons of fun and getting in some relaxation too!! You sure are making me anxious for our beach vacation this year!!


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