Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well...I have wanted an iphone for awhile...but the data plan was not something we could justify spending money on each month. But with the new iphone coming out At&t came up with a cheaper data plan and so that opened the door for the opportunity for me to get an iphone. For $5 more a month...we could make it happen. So @ 5:00 this morning Matt & I woke up & sat in line for the new iphone. My plan was up so we were able to get it cheaper...but being the super amazingly nice wife I am...(said with sarcasm)...I let him have the new 4G and I am getting his 3GS iphone...um...which I am totally ECSTATIC about!!! I don't need the new one like he does for work. I am just glad to have an iphone...:)

So all you iphone experts out there...any advice...hints or whatever you can help me out with...COMMENT!!!!

I'm trying to figure it all out!!! SO EXCITED!!! I know...it's just a phone...but I feel like a teenager or something. LOL!!


  1. Did the same thing Darrell. Got him the new one and switch with him and am learning the whole iphone deal and I am not techy but was willing to do the smaller data plan. Aren't we such serving wives :) I am sure that will get us another star in our crown LOL Enjoy. My kids are showing me things!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steph!!!!! WOOHOO!! SO happy you got it :) and trust me ~ it.is.the.easiest.phone.EVER!! IF I CAN figure it out YOU SURELY CAN!!!

    Let's go to coffee soon and I can show you my favorite app ....EMOJI!! Cause every girls gotta have her emoji!!!

    Love you!

  3. Congrats on your new iphone! My daughter just got a new phone the other day and can so relate with you! She came downstairs and told my husband and I that she had read the entire manual already - I'd say she's pretty excited! Can't give any tips cause I'm not familiar with all the iphone finery...Enjoy!

    Also wanted to respond to your comment over @ Life Lessons: You're sweet! I've enjoyed reading about your family and seeing things from the perspective of a pastor's wife. Thanks for the well-wishes! :)

  4. THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!! :) Like you, I was just glad to get an iPhone much less the 3GS...this thing rocks. LOL

  5. Good for you!!! I was a late bloomer too, I haven't had my iphone very long, but boy I love it!! It's really easy to figure out if you just play with it every chance you get. The free apps are wonderful. Loren hooked me up with the EMOJI app, it is fun!!

    Love and blessings to you my friend!!

  6. Don't have one :( But my brother does and he loves his. Have fun!

  7. That's so cool! I'm waiting for my phone upgrade soon. I have a flip phone that does nothing but call and text (sometimes that doesn't even work). Can't wait to get a smart phone in August!


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