Saturday, June 19, 2010


Cyokamo is our church stands for 

That's where I will be next week...I love camp. God does all kinds of work on these kids hearts...(me included)...during this week. I grew up going to this camp and as a youth pastor's wife for 15 years I spent about a month out there ever summer. It's like a second home to me & my kids. Very special moments & memories are captured in my heart & mind as I pull into the camp. I will be driving a van load of kids up there. It is so hard for me to believe my girls are in Jr. high & will be there all week with me. WOW! I remember pushing them in their strollers as babies across that camp!! Ok..I might move on!

I have seen kids develop a relationship with Christ & lives changes during a week at camp. I love to watch the kids bond together as a group throughout the week. Totally connects them to the the sponsors & to God. I am a huge advocate of church camp....simply because I have seen how it can change your heart. As an adult, I encourage you to go....even if you can't handle camping...YOU CAN DO IT!! You will come home changed & challenged in your spiritual walk. I know not everyone loves it like me...that's ok...we all have our passions. I sleep in a camp food...take a shower with the blog world...
and too...
worship with Jr. Highers...see God change relationships...a shoulder to cry on...lots of hugs..laughter...and see my girls connect to others & God. 

I will miss you my blog friends, I will see you next Friday .  If you have something life changing happen this week please email me & keep me in the loop so I can be praying for you. Pray for my heart, my influence, that I can get some sleep so I won't be cranky, my hubs & son back home, safety, & that God will get all the Glory for what is going to happen at camp!! 


  1. Praying for you and all the kids and counselors!! Your boys will have some bonding time :)

    Enjoy your week as you go and bless these kids but I know you will be blessed in return :) Nothing like seeing God move in the Lives of HIS children ~ of ALL ages!!!

    Bless you and love u

  2. Enjoy your time. I used to love camp. I was a camper and a counselor later. Such a blessing.

  3. Grew up going in CYOKAMO. So much fun and good memories. My dad even went there from Fairfax while Ronnie Epps was his preacher. He was even camp president because they used to have one. My mom went there too and meet my dad there. Have fun.

  4. I love Cyokamo! I miss everything about it...well I could pass on the food! :) I hope you have a great week with your girls.


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