Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PCB Day 4

This is how I start off the morning here...breakfast & coffee on the balcony...
I'm gonna miss the view next week...
Then the sand smoothers come by...Jaden's dream job...he & his best bud Baylor are gonna move here some day & do this...hopefully they will have a nice house for their moms to come stay in!!
Today we headed to St. Andrews Park to see the Jettys. Never heard of them until this week...
It's a long pile of rocks that you can climb out into the ocean. Doesn't look very far...but when you climb  the whole is!!
Lauren really wanted to do it...and since one of my goals this year is too..HAVE MORE FUN...I went with her. It was scary in some places...but we did it and it was worth it!!
They all scuba dived almost all day also. Those pics will come from the underwater camera when I get it developed.
The kids with the Jettys..
Had a little picnic...
Went looking for Alligators...but didn't see any!!
Then we looked up and say this amazing rainbow around the sun. I tell you what was a sight to behold. This picture does not even begin to show you how beautiful it was! 
I felt like God was looking down on us thru this big eye ball in the sky or something. I keep waiting for the trumpets to sound!!
St. Andrews Park was a great day. But we are burnt like bacon!! It has been really hot...good...but hard on the skin!! We have been using 50 sunblock! I forgot the tops of my feet & the back of my legs today..OUCH! I know...I are feeling so sorry for me huh? LOL I don't blame you really if you want to smack me while I'm sitting on the beach...:) 
We took some family pics...I need you to tell me what you think. I will post them later. 


  1. I MISS Florida!! :) So glad someone I care about is enjoying one awesome creation....white sands and a blue ocean. Enjoy your adventures today!

  2. Wow that rainbow picture is amazing. I can't even imagine seeing it in person. Thanks for sharing that one. So glad you had fun. I am not much of a water person...but I love the beach. Ocean up to my ankles. LOL
    Can't wait to see the underwater pictures.

  3. I have never seen a rainbow like that before! We saw one last night after a thunderstorm, so pretty!!


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