Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Secret Dream of Mine...

Do you have a little secret dream that very few people know...

I do...

What is it?

Well...I would like to open my own business one day...
(yes you all know I would like to be a photographer...that isn't a secret)

I would call it...

"Milk n Cookies"
(and who knows...this might already be an idea that someone has turned into a business)

Here is how it goes

I would have multiple types of dough already made for you

Chocolate chip...sugar...peanut butter...etc...

All the toppings & ingredients you could imagine

gummy bears...sprinkles...oreos...nuts..etc...make it crazy!

You come in...pick your dough....add your toppings...mix it in a bowl.

2 options..
.take the dough home with you....
or I would make the cookies right there...

The cookies come hot out of the oven...and you get a glass of milk to dunk them in. 

WOULD That not be the funniest place EVER???? 

See...I am a mean chocolate chip cookie maker. 

I don't mean to brag...but seriously...it's something I am known for. 

People love my cookies. So I make them A LOT!!

Anyway...why don't I do it???

Well owning my own business in this season of life would be too much. 

I would have to give up to much time with my kiddos for it &
 I am not willing to go for it right now.

But maybe...just maybe someday...

So How About You? Do you have A Secret Dream that you want to share with us?


  1. All the way back to High School, I said I was going to move to Macon, GA, walk into Capricorn Recording studios, and ask for ANY job they might have. I didn't care if it was scrubbing toilets. Capricorn was home of the Allman Brothers Band and the Marshall Tucker Band and my dream was to get my foot in the door some how, some way. After that, I would design album covers and maybe, just maybe, I'd get a chance to play drums with one of those bands, tour, etc.

    I still think it would be a fun job to just play music for a living.

    BTW, I've never been to Macon.

  2. I would come and enjoy!
    God makes Dreams come true, you already know that though.
    In the meantime, I'll wait to walk into "Milk and Cookies" one day!

  3. I've wanted to go to nursing school but haven't for the same reasons you listed. Making cookies sounds like a lot more fun, but I'm afraid I'd be eating the profits!

  4. oh, yeah - i would BE at that cookie shop! do you think you could learn how to make the thin mint cookies like the girl scouts make??

  5. I love your idea Steph and I would definitely bring my family in for some homemade delicious goodness without all the mess.

    Love to see God provide a way to make this happen for you. Who knows who will see it here?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. THIS IS a FANTASTIC idea! You should totally RUN with it! Love it!
    I would love to own my own bakery. Decorate cakes, bake pastries, the whole she-bang. I don't know what I would call my buisness. Still pondering that one... :)

  7. I think your idea is really cute, fun, and yummy! I would totally go! Not sure what my dream business would be.. hmm.

  8. Such a cute, fun idea! I think that would so take off..especially if you had some coffee brewing in the room. :)

  9. this makes me want some steph cookies...and a big ol spoonful of dough! yummmm

  10. Okay now I need you to open this place to get my cookies!! What a fun dream! I have no idea what mine would be..hmmm

  11. Count me in, we could start it together! Friendship, fun & cookies...doesn't get any better than that.

  12. What a fun idea! Would you like my address so that you could send me some of your yummy cookies? :)


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