Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get In...Sit Down...Shut Up & Hold On...

Today I enrolled my 8th & 6th grader...

I only have one left in Elementary


I have always dreamed of the teenage years with my kids

I wasn't much into the baby stage

though I loved the toddler stage

When I dreamed of being a mom

It was always about these times...

Now I'm here...

WHAT??? HOW??? WHEN???

Sniff Sniff....

I feel like someone just put the car in drive and said...


because the next 5...7...& 9 years are gonna 
(that's how long it is until each of them graduate)


Anyone else feeling like this?


  1. Yes! My youngest starts 6th grade this year! I have two that have already graduated, and one that's a junior!

    I know exactly how you feel!

  2. I have been trying and trying to figure out how to make it stop, but she just keeps getting older. I asked her if she would come back to 5th grade to be with me at Mills and all I got was a laugh and "no way!" Pray your kiddos have a great year!!!

  3. Yes! My youngest is a junior in high school. My oldest is a Husband, Daddy, Coach, Teacher. . .about to have his 2nd child. . .I have a daughter in the middle in college. Yes, it goes by way too fast! Enjoy these years!

  4. The worst part is that it just goes by faster the older they get...sniffing with you!!! Caleb is taking his senior pics next week...I think I will need a tissue or fifty!

  5. I hear you. It is already going way too fast. I want off. LOL

  6. Oh Steph! I spent some serious time wiping tears yesterday! I enrolled Jen in her LAST year of school and Jantz @ the 7th grade. It hit me hard!!
    then we took Jantz to get some new shoes and get this.....his foot grew
    three sizes this summer!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!??? and his jeans from a size 10 to a 14! OMG! I WANT IT TO STOPPPPPPP!

    YEP totally feeling ya my friend!

  7. when did it turn around so fast? paid for a college course yesterday...put grade 11 on enrollment


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