Friday, August 20, 2010

Launch date...2 days away.

One Church Family....Two Locations...

It's been a more than a  year of planning & praying...lots of praying!!! 
But we are only 2 days away from our Stone Canyon Launch Date. 

I am still in Awe of how this all came together & God's timing is always the "right time".
There so many little details & huge details that He took care of for us. 
One HUGE detail was hiring a Campus Pastor & 
God absolutely has the right person in place for Stone Canyon. 
I would like to ask you to pray for Bobby & Liz Reed & their two precious boys Brady & Dawson. 
Bobby was raised in our church & felt the call to ministry tugging strongly on his heart. He quit his job out in the business world & has been an amazing leader for this Launch. His wife Liz...well she is da bomb. She compliments him so well & has jumped right in there with him in following God's leading in full time ministry. 

Our church is 104 years old...this is something we have never done before...lots of unknowns...lots of change. But it is all for the Glory of God & reaching the lost. Stone Canyon is going to allow us to reach the lost in ways we never dreamed possible. 

I am personally so excited about this Launch...Why? I love seeing God's people take action and change the world. I get so pumped when I hear how God has opened doors & allows us be a part of His kingdom work. I know thru this campus many lives will be reached for the Kingdom! 

So join us this Sunday, August 22nd @ Stone Canyon @ 11:00 am. 
And I ask each of you to pray for Bobby & Liz & our entire launch team!


  1. Steph that is so awesome. Praying God's will for this endeavor. Exciting.

  2. OH! That is so exciting! I will definitely be praying for all involved!!

  3. God is about to show FCC and the people in the community, just how powerful and faithful he is!!!

    I've awarded you a lovely blog award. I will be posting it on my blog soon, I need to email a few others I nominated too, so checkout my blog in 15 minutes or later this Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, how exciting!! I had no idea you guys were launching a new campus. Where is Stone Canyon??

    I will definitely be praying for you all!!

    Love and Blessings

  5. I love you :) Thank you for all of your encouragement for me as a brand new PW throughout this journey.... IT'S HAPPENING!!!!! God is moving in this community!!!


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