Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Wreckers...#2

Runaway Calendars

Do you feel like your calendar is running your life?
 We were challenged yesterday @ church to combat
 Hurry Sickness: 
1. Stay in the Moment: 
Luke 10:42 is the story of Jesus coming to visit Mary & Martha...
"Mary has chosen what is better" 
Mary was in the moment....are you?
I confess I'm one who is always ready to move onto the next thing. I plan ahead...I worry about what's coming next. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable...have a great time...instead of stopping in the moment & enjoying it. I will say I have grown in this area...I am trying really hard to not let myself get ahead in my thoughts & bathe in the moment God has given me. I am married to a guy who "stays in the moment" and he has taught me a lot about "chilling out". 

2. Own Your Choices:
Luke 10:41 You are worried & upset about many things
We make choices that lead to hurried sickness. We make the choice to put our kids in sports...activities...organizations...etc. When you have 3 kids...that can add up real quick!! 
We set our own calendars...we are in control, but yet we let it get out of control. 
Clear a weekend & just spend it with your family & if that means leaving it!
Once a week Matt & I sit down and go over our calendar & make sure we know what the week ahead looks like & if we need to take some things off that calendar...we do. If we know it's going to be a busy week...we prepare for it. 

3. Set Unchanging Priorities:
Luke 10:40 Martha was distracted...her priorities were different than her sisters. 
Your calendar reveals your priorities. When you look at what you spend your time reveals what's important in your life.
 Our first priority? 
Our relationship with God
When that is sets our calendars & sets our priorities in the right direction.

These are just a few things that Charlie brought out yesterday in his sermon. I appreciate his heart for families and speaking boldly to parents about what their priorities are & keeping us in check. I know it has made us take a look at what our calendar is filled with and what are we teaching our kids is important in our lives. 

Take a look at your calendar & make sure you are not suffering from
Hurry Sickness in your family. 


  1. Yes, the calendar does run us sometimes, and it bothers me. I looked again at these 3 suggestions to see which one I like the most and would help me the most. The answer: I can't pick one over the others. All three are incredibly good suggestions for getting our lives back. Good post!

  2. Awesome Series Steph! Here is a thought....and what we do ~ when you and Matt sit down to do calendars add it in to where you Incorporate your kids. Call it a "Family meeting" and bring in your kids for the weeks plans, ask what tests they have & write them down, having each other write them down as well with the promise of praying for them during that exact time and in the days before.
    also, this is where I ask what they might want on the menu so each one plays a part. They also know what is going on in our lives and can pray for us. Just some thoughts that have worked awesome for us!

    Love you!

    P.s When in the world are we ever going to go to coffee! We need that on the calendar :)

  3. I so needed this today! We have been going back and forth on some things and Eric and I decided that we should not add one more thing to the calendar, so I am so glad this is like affirmation for me!!

  4. A huge OUCH...because you just stepped on these toes. We are always in a hurry. I am praying that this year is more organized and less stressed then years past. I don't want to always be on the go...wearing ourselves out for no reason.
    Thanks for sharing.


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