Friday, August 13, 2010

Girl Time...being Sharpened

The last few Days I have been blessed by spending time with these ladies...
Alison, Sherry, Me & Kristy
Alison & I lived by each other when she was 3 and I was 4 years old & the rest of the ladies I meet in Jr. High...& have been friends since. Kristy, Sherry & I went to college for a year or so at Ozark Christian they all have been a part of my life for some time now.

We have the best memories of hanging out at our Youth Minister's house. We were so blessed to have a youth minister & his wife that loved us so much. They would let us crash their house & loved us so much. We had so much fun with them...but at the same time they were not afraid to come down on us when we needed it! Amen!! While in Edmond we caught up with them & laughed...cried...& reminisced about the past...good times. 
Before we left their house Kari prayed over us...she always brings us to tears
 & to the throne of God.
I don't even know if these two really know the impact they had 
& are still having on our lives. 
Being a part of an amazing Youth Group kept me from going down a path of destruction. 
Darren & Kari's love for the Lord is felt deeply inside of us all. 
I deeply desire this for my kids. 

Alison is involved at Lifechurch in Edmond & she was invited to watch Craig Groeschel record his sermon for Sunday on the Wednesday we were there. Great Sermon about Toxic Relationships!
Then Thursday we were blessed to attend the "Sister's" night @ Life church. Amy Groeschel spoke about Where are you getting your worth? Prob 22:1. You can tell Amy has a heart for the lost & she truly loves the Lord with all her Heart! 
I can't even tell you how much it filled my spirit to be with these ladies. All three of them love the their husbands & families & love their church. It was so refreshing to be with friends who encourage me as a child of GOd, wife & mom...
who support me as a PW means the world to me.
What's crazy is out of all 4 of us...I was least likely to be the one in full time ministry. I am still a little surprised it's me...not one of them. I was the wild one...go figure. 
 I find so much joy in listening to them talk about serving in the Kingdom work & how much their Life Groups  have made a difference in their lives.
 WOW! Thank you Jesus!!
I needed this time. 

Now...this just topped it off for me...I. Got. To. Meet. Cindy Beall
Yes one of my PWs!!
WHAT A BLESSING SHE IS!!! I didn't get to spend much time with her...but I am looking forward to seeing her in May for our PW retreat!! Her husband Chris is the Campus leader at Lifechurch in OKC. 

SO...that's my Girl time recap. I am filled up with Joy...Refreshed...Blessed. 
Long time friends who truly know my heart. 
Do you get a chance to have Girl Time?
What kind of impact did your Youth group have on you? 

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Provers 27:17


  1. That is soooo awesome! What a fun and fulfilling time to spend with your friends and meet some other cool ladies! My ym and his wife loved us so much and without their guidance I would for sure be so lost!!

  2. I love you girl and pray for you always!!!!!

  3. Love those pics... I was a few years behind all y'all in youth group, and I looked up to each one of you! I have a few "crazy-I-don't-know-why-memories of you (ie. "calling" on Stephanie and she was *parked* in the street in front of her house, with her boyfriend! In his truck! I'm sure just talking. ;-)
    And Kristy... the "bathroom" at Kari Wade's house... enough said lol!!!
    And Sherry... took me to Subway to cheer me up when my first real "boyfriend" broke up with me. How sweet was that.
    Allison... leading praise time at YAC, which Kim and I took over when she graduated. Big shoes to fill, but the examples were great.

    But most of all, watching you girls "worship" on the mountain at YQ. Watching you have fun with each other and take us younger girls in at YAC. Spending the weekend with you in your dorm at OCC during high school weekends. (oh that brings up another memory about Steph... lets see... satin sheets... just before her and Matt were getting married... something about... nevermind.) Sorry! I'm totally outing you aren't I. Feel free to delete this! Really!

    You never realize the impact the older girls really do have on the younger ones.


  4. Cari...I love these stories!

    Oh yeah...we were just talking I'm sure..Haha!! So embarrassed!!!

    You are precious to me girl...thanks for sharing all of this...I about cried reading it. Love ya.

  5. What a great time with girls! I know how important that is as a PW to hang out with TRUE BLUE girlfriends! Thanks for sharing!


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