Monday, August 16, 2010

Branson + Cuzins= A Blast

I know sometimes it seems like all I blog about is going & doing...but really..that's all we done this summer!! Good times!!! Sorry if ya'll are like...Geez...enough with the pictures..
But I have family out in that blog world that are dying to see these grandkids & their activities! 
So enjoy...if you wanna!! 

A week or so ago we took some time off to head to Branson for a few days with Matt's brother's family. 

Our kids absolutely enjoy each other & get along so well. They are about the same ages...nice!

U should know that My sis-n-law & I were friends before we were that makes it sweeter!

The girls went shopping for school clothes & some how ended up with ice cream...
Now that's my kind of shopping!!
My in-laws have a condo we can stay in for FREE so we are so blessed! The funny thing is we usually get this really big condo for 5 of us, but wouldn't ya know it they were booked the one time all 10 of us were coming and gave us this smaller one. But for FREE...who can complain people!!
The kids all camped out in the living room.
We have Silver Dollar City passes so we took everyone there for an evening.
We always get a funnel takes less than 3 minutes for my family to finish this. might get your fingers bit off if you touch this..
Speaking of's one of my favorite things about SDC...
They have a new Huck Finn ride that the boys digged big time!!
My favorite...the Shooting's my kinda pace of a ride.
One night my BFF from college & her hubs come to eat with us..
Lana & Rusty...
Lana & I have been friends for 20 years...faithful Godly friend right there.
My Bro & Sis-n-law..
We so enjoy our times with their family. I wished they lived closer. They started a church in Kansas & God is using them in an amazing way to reach the lost.
 So proud of the work they are doing in HIS name!!
This is my favorite Aunt Ever...Rhonda. She and my Uncle Tim own a campground in Branson so we always go see them!!
On the way home...we got donuts. We don't get them often so it's a real treat for the kids.
Good times. Our summer is coming to an end soon. We have traveled and did all kinds of incredible thing this summer. We have made some great family memories. I am so not ready for school to start. 

How about has your summer been? 
Hope it's been a blessed one!!


  1. So not ready for summer to be over!!!

    Love all your pictures!!

    We have SDC passes too. Love going there. So close and a wonderful get away. Also love going at Christmas time and seeing the lights!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!

    Love and Blessings!!

  2. Looks like you had a great vacation! Aren't memories with family and friends the best?! Hope you have a great week, Steph! God bless!

  3. School starts tomorrow, and I am not ready. We didn't do much this summer, but I still enjoyed it.

  4. What a great experience that none of you will forget! Summer has ended too soon!


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