Sunday, August 8, 2010

38 years??

Yep...that's how long I have been alive people...

I know...I know...I look like I'm 20 or something...
(yeah right)

As the years have gone by...
I have chilled out a bit on what I expect from others on my bday...

Like I'm the Queen for the day and all my servants should bow to my every need..
no cooking...none of it...
(yeah right)

I have learned it's the simple things in life that bring me true joy...
Here are a few that filled my Birthday with Joy

On the Sunday before my mom made me one of my favorite cakes
Chocolate sheet's so yummy
I even got a special Bday plate...
My mom always made a big deal out of our bdays...and still does...she's the best. 
My parents got me this...
The iron stand is for our scripture tablet that we have at our house...
it's much nicer than the one I have now...
My sis got me this purse
And my niece got me these super cool measuring cups and spoons...
I wanted some new ones...I love any kitchen utensils. 
On my bday my small group girls took me to get coffee..
Though Tracy couldn't make it she dropped this awesome Tyler Candle off for me...
What she didn't know was I really wanted one of these candles!!!! 
And my other good friend Tracy Downs dropped this super cute watch for me!!
She also gave me one of the most encouraging cards. I appreciate her friendship. 
Brooke made me this sweet card...
And Matt...bless his heart...stepped out of his comfort zone and went into 
Victoria Secret for my gift!! I really wanted some lotion and especially wanted some bubble bath!! I love to take baths!! So thank you honey for going into VS...I know it wasn't easy!
Me and the kids..
For dinner we had about 45 minutes because the boys had to run off to football
I got Chic-fil-a...yummy! long as I didn't have to cook...I DIDN'T CARE!!
Now I had hinted...and asked for a Ding Dong Cake from Merritts...but since we had all this cake from my moms...Matt thought I wouldn't want it...uh huh. Me...not want chocolate??? 
So...while the boys were at practice my girls decided we needed to go to Reasors and get a cake and some ice cream...and this is what they came home with...
It was so tastee!!! We all got our own little ice cream. 
My girls really know how to take care of their mom.

I actually had an amazing bday. I am so blessed to have a family that loves and cares for me and strives to make my day so special. I praise God for giving me a husband and kids who love me. 
I am thankful for these 38 years that He has given me to serve Him and live for Him. 
Each day is a Gift.
Thank you EVERYONE for the cards...I had over 300 Facebook wishes that made me feel loved...the phone calls...texts..and hugs & comments. 
I think it's fun for all us bloggers to show our special days to each helps us get to know each other just a little better and makes it a little more personal. 


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great one! Love your presents, too! You are younger than I am. Shh...don't tell anybody that! lol

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! BTW... We are twinkies w/ black watch. I just bought one, luv it! ;)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! So glad you had a great day! I feel so blessed to have you in my life! My hubby would not have been able to go into VS, he gets red thinking about it! Yumm...cake!!


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