Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last but not least...Brooke's bday! 10 years old!

Hotel for Dogs was the theme! I took them to see that movie..very cute! Then we walked over to Pet Stop to look at the animals. Picked up some pizza on the way home. Over the years I have learned the older they get...the less girls at the party the better. I have had some great examples to watch thru the years in the Youth ministry and one of the things I heard over and over...less girls...is better. This year Brooke only got to bring 3 girls. Like my last post...where I am trying to stick to a budget...I am trying to be realistic about bdays. I love celebrating bdays...if I had lots of money...I would have the most lavish bday parties for me kids. So I have learned to invite less and make it great for that kid. When you get to many girls together it usually equals...drama...hurt feelings...opinions...and your daughter can't entertain more than 3 anyway! Anyway...I gathered copy paper boxes...thanks to Nana...and let the girls make them into Hotels for their stuffed dogs...they had a great time!!! Then I cut fleece out and made their dogs a blanket for the hotel. We painted a dog bone...made from sculpty (?) and tied it on a ribbon and made a dog collar for their dogs. Then the best part...we had an ice cream parlor!!! Oh my!! Every topping I could think of...they had a blast decorating their ice cream creation! Another thing I have learned is...kids don't eat cake usually...make it creative...then they will...don't waste your money on a cake. So that was her party...super fun!!! They stayed the night. Easy...super great girls..with no drama!
For Brooke's bday this year we are redecorating her room. She picked out a new comforter and sheets...I can't wait to show you...I love it and wouldn't mind it in my room.!! As soon as I get a day off...it's my next project! So I am done with bdays until 2010, WOW!! It is always so crazy in Jan. I really can't focus on anything else that month. But I love doin them and love it when my kids have a great time...and laugh!


  1. Where are the pictures???????

  2. What a fun birthday theme!! I love the idea of making their own little dog houses! Very fun.

  3. For the photo tag, just go to your electronic filing of your photos. Mine is iphoto, yours is whatever. If you have your photos saved in separate albums, just go to your 4th album and load the 4th photo on your blog post, then journal about it.


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