Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time Management!

Well, I have made it 2 and half weeks of working full time....and I must is hard! I applaud all you moms out there that do this all the time! The funny thing is I think I am getting better at it, but keeping a house clean, running activities...piano lessons... working coordintor and that is just the beginning of the definitely about time management!! I am normally a night owl, but I have found myself having to go to bed earlier! I don't like that because I like to get things done after the kids are in bed and have time to chat with Matt and just relax..but I haven't been able to do that as much because I AM SOO TIRED! Then we are getting up at 4:30am on MWF to workout because I can't fit that into my day any where and I really need it...not so much because I like to keep this amazing tone body...LOL...right!!!...but because emotionally and physically I need it to function. So I am not afraid to admit..I don't think I am called to work full time yet...unless God reveals that to me...:) I am so blessed to have my pressure to be a full time worker!

The funny thing is our computer hasn't been working for about 4 months...real slow. Matt got a new Macbook Pro a couple of months ago...which we all love! But of course it isn't's his work we don't let the kids play on it. I have been praying about this computer thing and asking God to provide a way to either fix the computer or let us get a new one. So all these sub jobs came a calling...I didn't seek them...they called me! From as much as I have subbed in Feb...I will be able to buy the computer and pay for it with cash! I have never been able to do that..personally...with the money I worked for! I am just excited. We are still in the Crown Financial series and one of the main goals is to live debt free...we are so close to being there besides our house payment. And I have to tell is an amazing feeling to buy something without worrying! We have never been caught up in credit cards, which I am sooo thankful for! I hope we will continue to grow in this area of finances and be an example to our kids on how not to let money and things control you and your decisions. Let God be in control and he will always provide!

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