Monday, March 16, 2009

Treasured times

This weekend Hannah and Sarah Troutt came down...2 amazing girls! When Hannah was in 7th Grade her mom, Susie, convinced me to take on this small group. Little did I would be one of the biggest blessings in my life. This small group was filled with amazing girls...2 of which were Hannah and Lydia. These girls challenged me in my walk with the Lord by their knowledge and passion for Him. It brings me so much joy to watch them as they have grown into these amazing, Godly women, who will serve Him in every day. Having 2 girls of my own...these families have set incredible examples of how to raise Godly girls...sisters who love each other and who are best friends. I am so thankful for the Currans....the Troutts and the Hills as I have watched how their girls have been friends and have relied on each other and supported each other. I pray my girls continue to develop a strong bond with each other.
It was fun having everyone over last night...going down memory lane...listening to them talk about the Mexico trip that almost didn't happen. Listening to Matt and Derek recall how they felt when the van flipped. Wow!!
And my friend are an amazing young man. We always laugh when you're truly have a joyful spirit and make people smile! And are truly beautiful inside and out...thanks for teaching me more about my MAC!! I am so thankful you and your mom came by...I love you girl!
It's times like Sunday night...I remember how much I miss you blessed I am to have you in my you helped shape me probably more than I ever did you. How I have always had incredible girls in my small group...and how soon it is coming to an end...unless God shows me otherwise. Thank you Jesus for your love for me, thank you for the girls that you have allowed me to love so dearly...I hold each of them so close in my heart...

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