Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boys of Fall

We are not a BIG sports family....I guess compared to most families atleast.

But we do love football, one particular little team called

Owasso 5th grade RED...especially #66 on the left there....

I've been playing with my new camera & taking pics of his team.

And a few of him at home.
Experimenting with my aperture. 

Then my filters on Photoshop Elements 

Does he look tough or what? 
He is getting so big. 

This is how we spend our evenings & Saturdays. 
Watching this not so little football player out on the field. 
I have a jersey I wear w/ his name & number
along with a really neat O Rams necklace my
friend Tracy gave me. :) 

Yea...that's me. 
One proud Ram Mom. 


  1. Hey, I see a college scholarship in the future!

    The pictures look good. Good job with that new camera.

    I love watching football!


  2. Awesome job Steph!! Love these!! What camera did you get??

    He is growing up :( doggone it...tell him to stop that! ;)

    Have a great week!


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