Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 years goes fast...

8 years ago today I was blessed with a sweet baby I had prayed for since I was pregnant with Lauren, our first daughter. I always wanted a brother growing up and so I really wanted a boy. I was a tom-boy growing up...played in the dirt, cried when my mom put rollers in my hair and then hated it even more when we would go to church and people would tell me how pretty my hair was, had a big wheel, one year I got a race car track and my dad put a piece of plywood on my bed so I could set it up, I was just a chubby little tom-boy. So I wanted a brother to play all these things with! So when it came to being a mom I was really excited when we found out we were having a boy. On our side of the family it was all girls! And after 4 granddaughters we finally got a boy! My dad had dreamed of buying fishing poles, race car shirts, John Deer stuff and footballs for someone someday and now he was going to get that chance. Boys are definitely different than girls, it amazes me! Easy in some ways, harder in other ways. I feel so blessed to have 2 girls and a have both is awesome. So I bring Jaden home, to our rent house at that his big sister Lauren who is six days from being 4 and Brooke who is almost a month away from being 2...still babies themselves!!! And from that point on it has been fun...watching him grow, learn and become a little boy. Above everything...the biggest blessing for me is watching Jaden and Matt together. Jaden literally adores his daddy...everything Matt does, Jaden wants to do.  They build and destroy things together, wrestle...shoot things...Matt is so good with him. I am thankful for a husband who sees the importance of spending time with his children and setting an example of Christ in his life. 
Well Jaden's dream right now is to be in the Army...scary for a mom...I told him he was already in the Lord's Army...:) Tomorrow he will have 12 boys over for an army party....oh my!  It is going to be fun! Today he got to go to breakfast with Matt to Waffle House, lunch with Nana and Papa to Captain D's and to Goldies with the fam.  Wow!! What a day!! He doesn't like cake, so we always get him Krispie Kreme donuts and stack them up to make a "donut cake". Which we all like better anyway! 
So 8 has went fast...only 10 years away from college!!! I love being a mom of a boy...there is just something about a moms love for her baby boy. 


  1. You dreamed of having a boy and I always dreamed of having a girl. Funny how God answers our dreams. :) Having boys is a blast. I love watching Joey and the seeing Atalie and how different she is from Joey. What a great thing to have children. Tell Jaden Happy Birthday from the Druga's.


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