Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend of mine that has had a lot of struggles in the last few years. A few weeks ago she hit rock bottom and found herself in a place she never thought she would be at. I think about my post and realizing that we all have a gift/talent we are given to use for God and when we get off track of using that gift for God's purpose, we can find ourselves in a downward spiral if we don't recognize it. We need to surround ourselves with people who will keep us accountable from falling away, and give them the permission to tell us things we don't want to hear. She and I have this kind of relationship and can freely tell each other things, which I am thankful for. I know she will continue to get better and I am praying for her. She has so many gifts and is such a blessing to others and I am looking forward to helping her in this process. So my question for you is...do you have someone who is keeping you accountable? If not...do it..now! 


  1. Yeah, mine is this stubborn ol' red-head!

  2. Uh...right back at you!!! Thanks for always telling me how it is!!! You know I need it!!


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