Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mall Scavenger Hunt!

The Mall...well let's just say...I'm not much of a mall person, but for Lauren...I went! I gave them 12 clues...since it was her 12th bday. They had to go all over the mall and find things in the stores and take pics. They had to sing Happy Bday in the middle of the mall real loud to Lauren while she had on a orange tiara and held an orange wand ...she wanted to kill me for that one! It was fun to watch her with her friends and realize she was becoming one of those 1,000's of youth kids I have been working with

all these years! daughter going into Vanity and buying a $3.99 shirt...yes...she is cheap like her mom...and spending all this time in Claire's...giggling with her friends. I gave them all $10 and they had to buy their dinner at the mall and keep the rest for shoppin. I figure if I took 5 girls out to dinner I would spend more than that most likely and I didn't have to buy a craft...or gift to take home...they could just have the cash! They liked that! The scavenger hunt was fun, they had clues on what shop to go in and then they had to find something in that store and take a picture of it. My wonderful niece Danielle helped run the scavenger hunt....she is sooo awesome!!
 One the way home we noticed the Krispie Kreme hot light was on so we pulled in and ate a free 9:15 at night...:) Bdays are fun because you allow them to do things you wouldn't normally do! 
We came home and got the chocolate fountain goin...with strawberries, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, teddy grams and bananas! YUM!!! I bought that silly thing about 2 years ago and every bday they want it! It's messy, but fun! 
Lauren has great friends, she isn't a girl who likes all the drama...not a girly girl....she really doesn't need a lot of friends, just faithful ones. I am kinda like my girls in that way...I love my friends, but I don't need to be around them all the time to know we are good fact to much time together with anyone...and they can get on my nerves!! :) 
It was fun to see her get dressed today...wearing all the beads she got last night...the new purse, new boots...she said "I think I look cool today" . Thought that was funny! She is 12...we have just begun!


  1. Oh, I KNOW you weren't talking about me as one who eventually gets on your nerves !! :)

  2. Um...NO!!!!!!! Because you are not all up in my business callin me and annoying me every day!!! :) LOL!! You get me...not many people do...That is why I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Hey I love having friends that I can talk to whenever but if we haven't spoken in weeks we are still good friends. That is how I feel about you. So glad I got to chat with you this morning. I have missed seeing you and talking to you even saying hi. Felt like it has been forever.

  4. Lib...anytime girl...we need to have a minister's wife night out or something! That would be fun!!


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