Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jaden's Boot Camp Bday!

One birthday down and 2 more to go in the next couple of weeks! Friday night we had 13...8 year olds here! Yeah!! It was fun...but crazy!! It was a great party! They all wore their camos and they enter Jaden's boot camp! When they got there they put on a camo strip of material on their heads, black stripes under their eyes, and put on a dog tag. He made them do drills, then we had an obstacle course and shot a target..which they made themselves when they got there...with a BB gun. Roasted Hot dogs over the camp fire...with chips and pop, served out of our tent that was the Mess Hall. They all loved the fire! Played tether ball and jumped on the trampoline. Had camo cookies with army men on them and opened presents. Then we played wounded soldier...they teamed up and wrapped up one boy in toilet paper, had to carry them to the sand first...then throw the TP in the fire....I think they liked that part the best....had a silly string fight and played flashlight tag! Yep....that was it! I must say it was fun to plan and watch the boys do all of this. Boy parties are loud...lots of activity...wrestling...running...craziness...but they are so fun!!! I love having them all here...Jaden loved it too. 

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  1. How fun. I might have to have you plan Joey's party. I am not that create. They would not have as much fun.


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