Friday, December 10, 2010

Big News: I graduated...

Yes...that is my big news...I graduated.
For the last 13 years I have been studying.
How to park, turn, back up, feed a bottle to a baby,
pack for 100's of trips, clean puke and many other details.

OK ok...that was just for dramatic effect.

After 13 years of being a Minivan Mom...
I'm graduating to an SUV. Yep. I know.
We have loved our "Star" as we call her.
Yes...we name our cars. Weird huh?
But it's time to say...farewell.
She has been a great ride. But She has
begun to cost us more than she is worth in repairs.
Here is our "so long" picture...

We bought this back in May...I know you are thinking...
excuse me that is a wreaked car???
Yes I know...but see, I have a dad who is a genius & he
can take that car up there & make it look like this with some
help from his it doesn't cost you as much. :)

It's an 07 Expedition. I have really never been an SUV
wanna be. But I have to say...the extra room is amazing.
Matt helped my dad put this all together too.
We took it to Branson & Oh was nice! It actually
seats 8 people.

Do you know what my favorite thing about this car is?
The heated seats my friends....HEATED SEATS!!!
It's the first button I hit when I get in the car.

SO that's my BIG NEWS...I know some of you are thinking
whoop d do...but to's a big deal to leave the Minivan

Anyone else graduate from the Minivan club?
And we need to name this one...any ideas?


  1. We just entered the minivan club and are loving the extra space it has. I miss how easy it was to park our car so I know I'm not ready for an SUV. We don't have a garage to park in so I too am loving those heated seats. Enjoy your new sweet ride!

  2. i am so happy for you and hope you enjoy this new ride!

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  4. I went from a small SUV to a van and love my van...I will have it until the girls are driving themselves : ) Jody Sansone


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