Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why I Count it All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday so you know it's time to COUNT YOUR JOYS!!
Join my friend Angel & grab her button!

Why am I filled with JOY?


I work with a fabulous team of ladies. 

My husband is amazing. He has pitched in so many times 
since I am subbing to help out around the house & with 
the kids...I love you sweet man. He has kept me sane.

I am getting close to finishing shopping!!

I haven't gotten sick during this time of subbing...
which is a miracle considering...if you could see
all the booger noses, puke & pink eye I have dealt with!!

Every time I look at our tree it brings me JOY.

Christ birth..what an incredible event.

Christmas songs.

The Kindergarten Program is over & was a success!!

Seat warmers in my car.


Our Staff @ FCC...blessed by each of them.

All of you bloggers & followers...I have missed reading about
your daily lives. I am going to catch up soon. 

Warm socks

Fleece PJs

Oh I could go on & on this week since I missed last week. 

Joy...Unspeakable Joy...Over following Well...No Tongue Can Tell. 
This song by Chris Tomlin Pretty much Sums it up for me!
Pause my Playlist at the Bottom first!!

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  1. Love your JOY list!! How exciting that your teaching time is about up!! We will have to do coffee again. Just love all the JOY of this wonderful Jesus season!!

    Love you


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