Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas @ Our House

On Christmas Eve we let the kids open one's a new pair of PJs. Then we
snuggle up & read about Christ Birth. This year Matt got a little fancy & used his
Ipad. I have mixed emotions about that...but Oh well!! I'm a little Old School people!

The next morning Lauren got up early & made us all sticky buns! Yum!
Our living room exploded with wrapping paper in minutes. I love to watch
their faces as they open each gift. It's getting harder to surprise them as they
get older...but there are still a few things we can pull off surprising them with!
This is a few of their "big gifts"....
Lauren & Brooke both got dog training classes with one of our dogs each.
And Jaden got a 22 gun. It's Matt's old gun. He can't wait to go hunting!
All snuggled in their Pjs by the Christmas Tree. 
We had a blessed Christmas! 


  1. I love your pj tradition! Lauren is a lot like me in the dog department. I loooove my two big dogs (still living at the parents house). Whenever you post about her loving animals, I'm right there with her! Wish I would have thought to ask for training courses. :) Glad you had a good Christmas.

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  3. enjoy those Christmases with your little ones still snuggled up at the house. they disappear quickly...


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