Monday, December 13, 2010

GIft Wrapping Tip...

I like to share little helpful hints that we use around our house.
Not that we have a ton...but every once in awhile we DO!

Now...I would say I am a crafty type of person. I can create
& make things. I used to scrapbook.
But Gift put it plan & simple...
I STINK! Really I do...

Mine always looks like a 2 year old wrapped it.

Anyway...every year Matt & I (yes he helps...I figure I do all the shopping he
can atleast help wrap & he doesn't mind) wait until most of our presents are bought
then we have a wrapping marathon one night after the kids go to bed.
Just Get R Done!!

A couple of years ago we started wrapping each kids gifts in one type
or color of wrapping paper so we do not have to label them & there is no
peeking or calculating how many gifts they have under the tree. They are
clueless on what is theirs!

So there is my Tip of the day for wrapping...."that's a Wrap"

Do you like to wrap gifts? I would put everything in a bag if I could...
but I sure like watching them rip into a present to be honest.


  1. We too have a marathon wrapping event!! Love your idea, would sure help out on Christmas morning with all my kids and grandkids, no more digging through finding one for each person!!

    Love you

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing the tip! The countdown begins girlfriend! This is your last week!!!! WOOHOO :)


  3. I love to wrap presents and sometimes get a little crazy with lots of ribbon!

  4. Omgosh I did that this year. I am loving the idea. Thanks for the tip!
    Been missing you!


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