Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family Christmas Traditions

As I get older I have realized just how traditional my family is...
And I love that about us.

All my life my family would gather over at my grandparents on
Christmas Eve...their house was always packed with about 40 plus people.
My grandma had made each of us our own stocking...if we brought a guest...
she would make sure they had something too. No one was left out.
We would all open presents together...I absolutely loved this day.

After the gifts were open we would pile into our cars & head to the
Christmas Eve Candlelight service at church. It didn't feel like Christmas
until we participated in this event.

With Matt being a minister, we are involved in the Candlelight Service.
My girls are angels & Jaden is a shepherd each year so on Christmas
Eve we get the privilege of being at both services to help out.

Matt & I have started some traditions with our kids & one of my favorite is...
the kids get to open one present on Christmas's a pair of PJs. We put
them on & get all snuggled up & read about our Savior's birth. The kids take
turns reading & this time is my absolute favorite moment of our entire celebration.

We have lots of little traditions to go along with Christmas...but the Candlelight
Service & reading in our PJ's is when it feels like the true spirit of Christmas fills
my heart.

How about your family? I would love to hear about your or old.
Enjoy your next few days friends & family. :)

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  1. We did the same thing when our girls were little - they always got new pjs and now they do the same thing with their kids.

    We still watch "it's a wonderful life" on Christmas eve - just me, my husband and Melissa who is in from baton rouge for a few weeks!

    Merry Christmas to you steph!


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