Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's late Wednesday & I am just getting a moment to sit & blog.
Of course I can't resist my JOY list this week. Too much to be JOYFUL about.
I haven't been able to blog for a few you can read from my last post.
But it fixed itself...WHATEVER!! 
Join my friend Angel & spread some JOY!!
This week is long because I haven't yah...

I survived 6 weeks of Kindergarten.

My family survived 6 weeks of me working full time.

My husband...seriously could not have done 6 weeks without
 his love...patience & support. 

Eggs...6 fresh eggs a day from our chickens.

Arm band tape dispenser...Cost $2.
best $$ I've spent in a long time to wrap presents. 

All our presents are WRAPPED!!

Thought I would share a pic of all my sweet Kindergarteners!!
3 are missing due to 2 puking & 1 was in "in-house suspension" 
I know right...A kindergartener suspended!!

I am done shopping!!!

Matt's sense of humor...
Baby Brynlee...Her mom Lydia was in my small group from a
Jr. Higher & up. Now Lydia is Lauren's small group leader.
Maybe one day...Lauren will be Brynlee's leader.
The picture to the right is Brynlee's dad James. He grew up in our youth group also. 
He is now our Jr. High minister. Can't describe to you how much
I love & adore this little family.

Our adult life group. We had dinner at Los Cabos the other
 night...Amazing group of friends. 

My HS small group of girls...they all inspire me.

The Teacher's aide that worked with me in Kindergarten made this 
adorable train for me!!! So cute!!

I love spending time with our families over the next 
few days. 

Our Pastor's wife...Pam had a dinner for all our
PW's last amazing group of ladies. 

As the Christmas Celebrations begin...I am so 
thankful we are a family who is grounded in our faith in
Jesus Christ. 

Peace. Salvation. 

Christmas lights.

A manger...a baby...a Savior is born.

I have a ton more. Really. I do, but I don't want 
to bore you.  I must keep up with my 
blogging so they are so long.

Love all of you & enjoy the next few days!!

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  1. Love your oozing JOY!! So glad you survived Kindergarten, so can't believe someone that young was in in-house suspension!! Crazy!!

    Have a fabulous Christmas!! Love you


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