Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

Is it seriously Wednesday already because I feel like this week has 
flown by!!!  And friends....this is the last Wednesday of 2010!! GULP!
But one thing I enJOY about Wednesdays is...being JOYFUL!
Join my friend Angel as we count our JOY!

Why Am I JOYFUL this week?

My kids were in our Christmas Candlelight Service...
my angels & shepherd boy.

Lauren has been volunteering at our Vet this week. It just brings me
so much JOY to watch her give of her time for something 
she has a passion for in life.

This Gigantic Swiss Cake Roll!! My niece is in Culinary school
& she helped me make this for Jesus Birthday!
And's as yummy as it looks. 

Hanging with my kids this week.

Sleeping in & being very Lazy.


Matt & I sat at Starbucks last night & set our budget for 
2011 & goals for our family financially but most
 importantly talked about where God is leading
us a family & in ministry. It was such a 
refreshing conversation. 

We have been feeding these people's animals while they 
were gone for the Holidays & they paid our kids way 
more than we expected...that was a blessing!

The heart of Matt's mom...thanks for being so 
generous & blessing our family. WOW
You didn't have to do what you did but you
did it anyway with JOY.

My bag of Starbucks coffee my sis-n-law gave me for 
Christmas...good to the last drop every morning!!

I got 2 new lens for my camera & it's gonna help me 
move closer to my dream of being a photographer!!

Laughter of my kids & their friends hanging out 
at our house. 

OSU Bowl Game tonight!! 

God's many blessings & His love for me.
I am feeling incredibly blessed lately. 
A baby changed everything for us. 


  1. I just love Wednesdays. Your Joy list is so touching! Have a blessed New Year!

  2. I always get a blessing from your joyful Wednesdays! I must say that the swiss cake roll looks pretty good!

  3. LOVE you ~ you joyful thing you :) The cake roll looks YUMMY! We need to talk cameras soon don't we :) I got a Nikon 3100 with and then Brian got me a zoom lens too. It is sooo awesome! I LOVE it! What lenses did you get? If you take any classes let me know and maybe we could do it together?!?!

    The Lord has great things in store for you this coming year! I can just see it!

    Game time less than 1 hour :) GO POKES!!


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