Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 w/ Family

We have a big family...lots of stops to make every year!
Our first Stop was with Matt's mom...aka Grandpa & Grandma Z.
Grandma & Grandpa Z. love playing games with the kids. I caught this moment
while they were playing Uno...not just an ordinary game of Uno...some fun
 spinner thing that lights up, they bought to play with the kids. 
They were all sitting on the bedlaughing & playing...what a gift for our kids, 
time spent with them. My Grandma Dickey was like this..she played with us
 & made us laugh. That's what kids remember...not the gifts they opened under the tree. 
The adults got quite a surprise from her also...a decision she made many years
ago is now blessing our family in a huge way...more about that at another time.

Next we headed to Matt's dad's house...aka Grandma & Grandpa Thomason.
They both live in Stillwater so it's convenient for us to see them both. 
The girls always have so much fun together...they are goobers!!
Same with the boys...both grandparents have Wii & all kinds
of games to play so it's a blast for them to hang out. 

Last stop is my parents...Nana & Papa's house with my sister
& her family. My mom always works so hard to make our dinners
yummy & you never walk away from her house on an empty stomach!
This year my dad had a new gadget for the turkey...it was infrared cooked.
Crazy huh? Instead of being fried. 
My kids love their cousins. They always have so much fun together
on both sides. We are so blessed to have so much family. I enjoy our 
time together & love watching my kids interact with extended family.
I know we are so fortunate to live close to our families. I praise God 
for that all the time. 
Just a glimpse into our Christmas. Over & done with way to fast!!
Enjoying a calm week & putting our house back together & being
LAZY!! Love it!


  1. What a busy time but so much fun to be with your families. Love the action shot of the emotions. The laughing...the joy.
    Have a blessed New Year.

  2. Yea for family time! I love that your kids still smile in pictures :) What a fun time, and those grandparents sound awesome!

  3. Great family pictures Steph! I stopped my old blog after my boys got the URL. So, you can delete JulieJabbers off your list.
    I decided to create a new one, with no real names, photos, particulars, just a poke at humor and a way to make light of life. http://www.dont-worry-bout-a-thing.blogspot.com, follow at your own risk! A late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Steph,
    Great pictures. Thanks for your visit to see the ones I have posted. Our family is really spread out, so opportunities like Christmas to get together, visit (and play nerf guns with my 12 year old nephew for hours) and getting to take pics to look back and remember is just invaluable. Glad your family had that experience this Christmas, too. God is good!

  5. Just saw the OCC in your bio sketch. Is that Oklahoma Christian College?


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