Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catalyst:They Get Me.

On Tuesday, Matt & I will load up in our church vans with several of our staff members & head to Atlanta, Georgia to the Catalyst Conference. I. Can't. Wait.

For almost a year now I have followed Lori over at Leading & Loving it...and next week...I get to hug her neck. Along with many other PWs that I have come to Brandi Wilson...Joy Henderson...Beth Webb (who is in my virtual roundtable)...and many many more of them. Infact if you are reading this & you are going please let me know asap!!

I know I have said this like a baazillion times...but the impact the PWs friendships have made in my life this year is difficult articulate to you. I was grieving a friendship that had ended...a ministry position change that had pretty much left me empty & just felt worthless & unworthy to be called a minister's wife. And that is not a good place to be...AT ALL.

I needed to take responsibility & make some changes...before I shut down.

On Thursday I will have lunch with all the PWs. I want to cry with joy each time I say that. There is an instant bond between PWs that you will never get unless you are one. Never. They get me. They get my passion for ministry. I feel safe with them. They share my hurts. But mostly they cheer me on...encourage me up & show me to keep serving our King! I could go on & on & on...but I won't.

I feel like I'm an empty vase...ready to be filled up so I can pour into the lives of others.


  1. J E A L O U S!! and my best friend (a pastor's wife) just moved away. So I'm in that ucky place and really wish I could go to this! Have a MARVELOUS TIME!!

  2. I can't wait to see you, my friend! :)

  3. Steph I love you, and I'm so glad you get to connect with these other awesome ladies!

  4. Steph I love you, and I'm so glad you get to connect with these other awesome ladies!

  5. Steph,

    I know you will have a DIVINE time and blessed for GOD knows your heart and all you have been through yet you have proven faithful and stayed the course my friend! I can't wait to see what God has in store!

    I kind of unplugged this weekend so I didn't read your posts til this morning! I am praying for all those from your previous post! I am sooo sorry all of this is going on and will be praying for each one! God used you and I know each person was blessed by you and your sweet heart and spirit! Just being there, listening, helping, caring for is all they needed and YOU my dear were there for them!! Bless you!

    Enjoy your trip....get filled up and experience the JOY of the LORD!!!

    Love you!

  6. ok, since i am a fellow PW, you need to picture me there with all of you! I need some good PW as friends! In this small town I live in, you can't really confide in them because EVERYBODY KNOWS EVERYBODY!!

    Love to you Steph!

  7. Steph,
    For some reason all of the emails I have sent you come back with errors:-( Can you send me your email address at
    Thank you sooo much!
    Tiffany Cooper

  8. I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!!! See you in a few short days. Love you, my friend!


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