Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Awaited PW Meeting...

For months I have longed to hug these girls necks

And a couple of weeks ago at finally happened!!

This is Lori Wilhite from Leading & Loving It. YEAH!!
Lori & her husband Jud minister in Las Vegas

 Brandi Wilson & I...she & her Husband Pete minister in Nashville
Jessica Cornelius...she & Bill minister in Corpus Christie, TX
These ladies put together a luncheon along with Mercy Ministries
 for all the Pastors Wives at Catalyst. We had about 120 ladies there,
 but honestly I just wanted to meet these gals along with a few others!
 They made me feel so welcomed & loved from our first hug. 
God has truly blessed methru these ladies & their leadership. 
My sweet friend from Panama City, FL was there also!!
Joy Henderson...she & Cory minister there.
Cory & Joy with Matt & I
 And this is Beth Webb, Joy & I...Beth is in our
Virtual Roundtable group! Great to meet her in person!
So..this was a fantastic day for me to say the least. Our time was
way way way to short together for the lunch. I could
have stayed there all day chatting it up with them!
Thanks to Leading & Loving It & Mercy Ministries 
for making this lunch possible!! 
Can't wait until MAY for the Retreat!!


  1. How fun that you got to meet all these ladies!!

    We need to do coffee again!!

    Have a great day!

  2. So glad that you had a wonderful time and met some amazing Christian women!

    Still praying for Lori's kids and for all of you dealing with her death. Praying God's peace abounds in your hearts today!

  3. Awesome! So exctied you all could finally meet and hug!! Can't wait for our gathering tomorrow!!

  4. Steph,

    What a blessing this time was for all of you wonderful ladies of faith. I can only imagine all the joy and blessings that God will be bringing into your life because of your time spent in fellowship.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Oh, I just love when God weaves us together!

  6. You know I love you! Looking forward to May ... those days will go by far too quickly as well, I'm sure!


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