Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chick-fil-a Head Quarters Tour!

We arrived in Atlanta last night...oh how I love 14 hour trips in a van...especially when this happens..
Yes...It's a flat tire...but as you all know...Matt's a pro at it especially w/ James & Josh to assist him.

Today we had the pleasure of touring the Chick-fil-a head can I tell you that it is 
The building is located on 80 wooded acres. Breath taking to say the least.
Truett Cathy is the CEO & founder of CFA. He started a small restaurant back in 1946 & it has grown into a 3 billion $ corporation. Truett is a Godly man & gives God all the glory for his accomplishments. 
He is 87 years old & still helps run the day to day operations. Truett is a huge believer in helping others & giving away just about as much as he makes. I learned so many interesting facts about CFA while there. The tour guide quoted scripture the entire time...WOW! 
How many CEOs would allow tours thru his office? NOT many. 
Truett's office is located amongst the it could be his tree house. 
This is his desk & a neat Coca Cola wagon in front of it. And for some reason he has a wax figure of Willie Nelson...not sure of the story behind that one!
He also has a collection of antique Ford vehicles & there is a replica of the original restaurant inside of the building also. Truett & I had our picture taken together...:) 
Across the building are these beautiful status. One in particular that caught my eye was Jesus washing Peter's feet. The Dwarf was stolen from him & 20 years later a lady confessed that her brother had stolen it & she returned it back to Mr. Cathy. Dwarf House is original name of the he has a collection of was called that because the building was so tiny. HA!
I have to tell you...after hearing all about Mr. Cathy...I want to own a Chick-fil-a. 
Probably won't happen, but you never know..wink wink!

They gave us coupons for a free Chicken Sandwich at the end of our tour. 
Since we were so close to the original restaurant we headed straight over there for lunch!
Our waitress reminded me of Flo from Alice...she was stinkin Hilarious!!
She thought I looked familiar so I told her I was on TV...Survivor. I had her going for a little bit!
I KNOW right?
Do you like the Dwarf Door there Bobby is coming in? 
What a great experience for us all!! 
I could seriously eat CFA all the time so this was incredible to learn so much about the owner & to know that his desire is to Glorify God thru his daily life just makes me even happier!!

So there ya have it! If you are ever in Atlanta...ya Gotta do this & it was all free!!

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  1. How fun!! I love Chick-fil-a.....we really miss them here up north!!! Hope y'all don't have any more flats!! =)


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