Monday, October 11, 2010

Laughter & Lori

There are some people in this world that just make people laugh...
Lori was one of those people.

Lori was ushered into God's presence @ 12:00 today. She always joked that she would pull up a chair on a beach in Heaven & live out eternity there. Today she found out exactly what Heaven looked like, what it feels like to see Jesus face to face...touch Him...& worship Him forever. 

The last few days have been so precious. Watching everyone tell her goodbye & thru it true Lori style...she was still making us all laugh. Lori was the type that had fun no matter where she was & made life interesting. She traveled the world & went on multiple cruises & never let anything hold her back from taking off on an adventure. 

Please pray for her children...Lacy, Jacob & Austin. They have a rough journey ahead of them, but I know they will honor their mother thru it all. I can't express how much your comments & prayers have meant to me this week for our family. I have felt them tremendously in my heart. 

I would like to share this picture of Lori & I. This was taken at my grandparents house before she was sick. She is squeezing my cheeks & saying "squeeze me" with her giddy laugh that would make anyone crack up! What we all wouldn't give for one more Christmas with everyone.
This is Saturday at the hospital. All five of us older cousins haven't been together in a
really long time due to some circumstances...but we managed to come together one last time.'s a horrible disease & death. I know each of you have watched someone in your life slowly die from it. God did not choose to heal Lori here on earth like we wanted...instead He healed her for can you argue with that? That is all of our goals & desire to be with Jesus one day. Lori is healed...the cancer did not win..Jesus won on the cross & defeated sin so we could have eternal life. I pray each of you know our Lord & Savior today. 

Love & hugs to you all.


  1. Oh Steph!!! I am sooooo sorry! As much as you will miss her don't you know the Lord is having such a wonderful time just adoring HIS beautiful daughter and having a great laugh with her right now! I am soo praying for all of you and especially her kids! Praying the Lord will just give each one of them something to hold onto of HIS goodness that will carry them through these years without their parents! I am so glad you were able to love on her in her final days! Bless you and please let me know if you need ANYTHING!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. steph - I am so sorry that Lori is gone from this earth. But oh praise His name she is with Him in glory for all eternity! It is awesome to know that she is face-to-face with our Jesus! She is looking into His face even now and basking in the glory of Him!

    I am praying for her precious children and I will continue to pray for you Steph. I know that you loved her and that your heart will ache for her for awhile.

    love to you - Beth

  3. Step,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Lori. How devastating. It is bittersweet thought knowing that she is with Jesus and made whole again. Praying for your family and for her children now.
    ((Hugs)) sweet friend.

  4. Just sent you and email, sweet Steph...
    Sending hugs, love, and prayers your way xo

  5. I will continue to be in prayer for y'all! So glad she is complete w/ Him!

  6. Steph,

    This is a true testimony to the legacy that Lori left behind in the lives of all who knew her. Thankfully one day very soon, we will all be reunited with the ones we love. I love how you tied it together that cancer will never win. Jesus is the Victor in all of it.

    Praying for strength and comfort to all those who are affected by the loss her presence has in their lives.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Sweet Lori, her laughter and smile continues as she joins Christ and is experiencing complete fullness while in His presence.
    So glad you were there with her in her final days. Love you sweet friend. :)

  8. Steph,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for you guys.


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