Monday, October 25, 2010

The Influence of a Coach

A Player on the other team was injured &
 had to go out on a stretcher by Ambulance.  
One of a mom's worst nightmares.
Seeing your child on a stretcher.

As the player exited the field...
Our coaches grabbed the other team's coach
& asked if we could pray for their player together.

This picture says so much to me as a parent.

It reminds me...that it's just a game.
That I really don't care if we win
if another player is hurt...who cares what the score is?
I am so blessed to be on a team that our coaches
Coach our boys well...
not only in the game of football...
but especially in the game of life.
Life as a follower of Christ.

Our coaches...they do not belittle our boys 
or cuss at them to get the point across.
They act appropriately.
They kneel & pray after every single game. 
I still get tears in my eyes every single time. 

We have been on this team for 4 years now.
As far as their ability...they haven't lost a 
regular season game in 3 years!
Do I like to win? Yea it's fun...but
really...that is just the icing on the cake.

If we won every game & the coaches
were mean & hateful to my boy...
I wouldn't stay on the team. 
Winning isn't what is important to me.
It's the Godly influence that these men have on my boy.
Playing with integrity.
As Matt says..."talk with your shoulder pads"
Not with your mouth.
Kinda like..."actions speak louder than words"

Now I know...boys will be boys 
& smack talkin happens.
It's just part of it & it keeps the competition real!

Who knows how far we will get in the playoffs this year?
We are undefeated.
We haven't been scored on yet this year &
that seems to be a big deal to some teams. 
And everyone is dying to be the first to score on us. 
But it's gonna happen soon...we know that!
It's 4th grade people...not the NFL.

Jaden isn't some rock star athlete...
it's the team he enjoys more than the sport itself I think. 

Today...I'm remembering the words that our Missionary on Campus
said yesterday..."Coach Christ is calling you to the game."
A much bigger game than football...
Too be honest...I would be more proud if Jaden
plays on the mission field someday for Jesus 
than in the NFL. 
Matt 28: 18-20
 Go & Make disciples of all nations. 


  1. I love this Stephanie! So awesome - y'all are so blessed.

  2. Great post Steph! Such truth! :) May we remember that we are all called & woven into God's "team", his story. May we live a life worthy of that calling.

  3. How exciting for the entire team to be undefeated! Jaden shared with me in class how the player was carried out on a stretcher when I asked him about the game. Of course, I was considered and asked him questions, he couldn't answer. I think its great to have coaches that don't yell and put pressure on each boy. Great and touching picture of the players gathered in prayer:)

  4. It is so awesome to have Godly coaches!! Love this post

    Love you


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