Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Internet...Pathetic

I'm sitting at Matt's office borrowing his internet.

Yes...I have no internet at home. 

Pathetic huh?

Why do I not have internet?

Because a car hit an electric pole by our house
and knocked out our electricity for 3 hours...

Don't look at me in that tone of voice...
(i've always thought that was a weird saying) 
I did pray for that person in the car! 

 I think they must have hit the internet box also.

Matt was on the phone with AT&T for an hour last night
trying to get them to understand that it wasn't something in our
house...it was the box up the street. 

AT&T...I could teach them a couple of things about 
customer service...can I get an AMEN?

Any Who...not sure when we will have service again.

Repair man is suppose to come in the morning...
to repair what? I am not sure. 

I must laugh at such things...no reason to get upset.
Just wanted to say Hi & if I miss any big event in
your lives the next few days...sorry. :)

I'm pathetic to even write about this huh? 


  1. Internet ... what a mixed bag of blessing and curse. Love and when I need it, hate it when I've been on it too long. I've taken classes on it and now teach a class on it. So it certainly has great use. Blogging is great. But, sometimes takes a bit more time than I should give it.

    But over all, wouldn't want to be without it for long. Have become quite dependent on it. HOpe your's gets up and going soon.

  2. Oh, that would drive me nuts.. It's ridiculous but I can't live without internet. It's where I look things up, blog, read the news, facebook, etc. Hope you get it back asap!

  3. Oh bummer. I have not been blogging much...but I would still miss my internet if it was out. Miss you!


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