Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You

I just wanted to take a minute & tell of you thank you 
so much for everything you did last week. 

Thank you for the....
words of encouragement
facebook messages

Some of us in our families are the strong ones...
the one that people look to for leadership,
support & to hold onto to for strength 
when a crisis hits. 

Thank you for lifting me up so I can
pour into the life of my family. 

Thank you for praying for Lori & her kids.
Please continue to pray for Lacy, Jacob & Austin.
They are doing so remarkably well...which is a testiment
to what an amazing mom Lori was. She prepared her kids
for this day & they are dealing with this the best they can.
Pray for my cousin Amy who will now take on the role
of mothering Lori's children. Pray for my sister Christy, 
Lori was not only her cousin....she was her best friend.

Once again...thank you for being who Jesus called each one of you
to be. Thank you for being my friend...even though I have never 
even meet some of you in real life! I am abundantly blessed to 
have so many people that God has placed around me. 

We celebrated Lori's life on Friday. 
It was a beautiful service full of laughter.

Lori was the queen of one liners...she always made us laugh..
at her celebration they shared some of her one liners & I thought 
I would share a few with you...
"that went over like a fart in church"

"take your time, hurry up"

"I'm on the right side of the grass"

"And we know that in all things God works 
for the good of those who love Him" 
Romans 8:28

Love to all of you!!

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