Friday, October 22, 2010

Like Nailing Jello to a Tree

Yes..that's what I felt like as we tried to
explain to AT&T that our internet still didn't work!

No Internet for a

I wasn't dying without it...
though I was getting close to crying. 

But I am one of those people that if 
I am paying for a service.
I want it to work.

This morning...I almost had a break down
on the phone with the AT&T lady. 
(Seriously Steph...get a hold of yourself!)

She graciously agreed to fit me in
by today! 3rd times the charm I guess!
(I was nice...I promise!)

Will they take those 5 days off my bill.
Probably not...and that my friend is what
Annoys me. 

I must just let it go.
(said as I roll my eyes)

I have missed you all so much.
Didn't realize I would miss you that much...
Golly Gee Wiz.

Looks like I'm gonna have to get to clicking
And catch up on your lives. 

I have to say...I did get a lot done this week without it. 
But I'm not telling you anyone that. 

Anyone else ever lose their internet & feel like you were trying to
 nail Jello to a tree just to get someone to understand what the problem is??


  1. I hear ya. I hate it when the things I pay for don't work. It stinks to be out of the blogging loop too.

  2. YES! We lost internet for almost 3 weeks and kept getting "a certain cable company" out to fix it. Sometimes they would "fix" it, drive away and it would be DOWN again!! So we actually switched TO At&t DSL and have not had one problem. I'm sorry you did though!! Welcome back!

  3. Yes!! I do not like it and we are with AT&T, too, and when we first got with them we had issues for over 2 months and they finally got it right! But we had to fight and fight with the bill each time!! So glad you are back!


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