Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday!!

Oh How I missed this last week when my internet was down!
It's Wednesday & you know what that means??
Count Your JOY people!
Join my friend Angel in Spreading JOY today!!
And You should know this week is gonna be long since 
I wasn't able to share my JOYS from last week!
It's full of pictures...Let's get this JOY party Started!
Why am I filled with JOY?

I ran my 3rd 5k & beat my time. I ran it in 31:32! WOO HOO!

Matt was on a camping trip with the girls over Fall Break so 
Jaden & I went on a date. This is how we ended the night...
me with a Pumpkin Frap & him with a bowl of Cookie Dough Ice cream.
We watched "How To Train A Dragon"

On Sunday night we went to Grandma & Grandpa Thomason's in Stillwater. 
They have around 700 acres to fish...shoot guns & explore nature. 
We roasted hot dogs, made smores & had hot chocolate over the fire. 
Spending time as a family away from TVs, computers & phones was spectacular!
I will do a full blog about this soon!

Grandma Z. also took the girls to lunch at Eskimo Joes! 

That I have internet..ahh the simple things!

I was able to meet with 3 of my virtual roundtable PWs
 last week for the first time! YAH!!

The cooler temps...refreshing.

My girls have sold 3 dozen fresh eggs!!

This picture of my girls packed up to go to HighPoint.
A campout with our Jr. Highers at church.
So glad they are plugged into a Youth Group.

And finally this butterfly...

tons of them on my Zinnas while I was doing 
my bible study on my back deck. 
Of course I had to stop & take some pictures of them. 
Butterflies are amazingly detailed. 
A simple delicate creation by God. 
Once an ugly a masterpiece.
Kinda reminds me of myself.

What brings you JOY this week? 


  1. What wonderful JOY your have shared this week!! I LOVE being able to be with family and have a bonfire...I really think it's my favorite thing ever!

    Your butterflies are just GORGEOUS ....they ARE my Favorite! They just make me in AWE of our Father with HIS intricate design!

    Ok....I hope you got my email saying I would LOVE to have you come over with some pumpkin bread this week :) woohoo! also, I am going to go sign you up on Angels link so others will know to come here as well ok!!

    Love ya!

  2. So glad you are back and so is your internet!! What a fun time at your in-laws! 700 acres, oh my word!!

  3. Love all your JOY!! Bonfires - I love doing this with my family!! Butterflies fascinate me!! I so wish I was doing the Isaiah bible study!! Love your date with your son, boys are wonderful!!

    We need to do coffee again soon!!

    Love you

  4. i feel your pain with the internet my friend, but today i got wireless!!! Yay! No more crazy verizon connections ( or lack of...)

    love to you!

  5. Sweet Surrender is bringing me JOY today.


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