Friday, February 18, 2011

Becoming Less

I am starting a new weekly blog called....

"Becoming Less"

John 3:30
He must become greater...I must become less. 

I have an idol in my life that have made many attempts to get rid of.
I let go for awhile...but find myself wandering in the desert again.

Again & Again.

Recently I started reading through Old Testament again...
and in my BSF study of Isaiah we have been talking about how 
the Israelites worshiped Idols. 
Found myself judging them for their Idol worship.
But then I look at my life & realize...
Who am I to judge them with all the idols that I worship in my life?

What is this idol I speak of?
F. O. O. D.

Some of you are thinking...really? 
And Yes...I seriously love to eat.
Sweets have a stronghold on my life..seriously.

I have had tons of friends who have been very successful at 
Weight Watchers. I keep feeling like I should go to a meeting. 

I have gained 13 pounds since October...I know right?
I am out of control...I haven't weighed this much in a long time.

But let me tell's not about the weight as much as it is about the
disobedience in my heart where food is concerned. I treat food as a
BFF...not something to survive on.

 I eat for fun...entertainment & comfort. 

So I went to a WW meeting last night. 
I need some

I will go every Thursday night.
On Fridays I will blog about my week of Becoming Less.

Not only in size...but most importantly in my relationship with Christ.

I was a little reluctant at first to start this post. But honestly I'm hoping someone
out there is struggling with this also & can pray for me. Or maybe I can 
encourage someone to a this step with me. 

I'm excited. I'm ready. I know I can do this. 

Next week I will tell you my goals & what WW offers you
so come back & join me. 

Becoming Less....


  1. Good luck! Lysa TerKeurst has a new book called "Made to Crave" that is supposed to be really good.


    for alot of reasons. you can do this! :)

    and WW is great. one of my closest friends lost over 100lbs making lifestyle changes through WW.

    will be praying.

  3. Love this... can't wait for you to share this with us. I can only speak for myself, but I am right there with you. Food has honestly taken over my life. I live to eat, and no its wrong.
    Thank you for letting God use you in this way.


  4. You can totally do this! I am right there with ya... "that whole eating whatever you want" thing during pregnancy came back to bite in the butt now! On a different note- have you read "SO Long Insecurity"? And if so, what did you think of it??

  5. praying for you!

    i struggle so much to turning to food as comfort too. it is not good! thank you for the challenge!

    and lyd, i have read some of so long insecurity and it is GOOD! so challenging and eye opening to the lies we tell ourselves and the hold satan can take on our hearts. definitely a must-read, and i think i will finish it this week now that i am thinking about it!

    love you all

  6. Hey girl! I'm so looking forward to your Friday posts now. I joined WW Dec. 3rd - because I too need the accountability/encouragement/planning that it offers. That just so happened to be the launch day of the new program, PointsPlus - so it was great day to join! I have lost 14.4 so far and my hubby has lost 20!! I have found it to be SO manageable and doable - especially with the FREE fruits/veggies!! I could have better results than I do so far, but I do use my extra weekly points if the occasion calls for it, but I hardly even notice I'm on a 'diet.' With WW and the Lord - I'm looking forward to a fitter me :). Let's check in with each other, k??


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