Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's a SNOWY Wednesday so let's get our JOY on!!

Join my friend Angel & grab her button & count your JOYS!!!

Why Oh Why am I JOYful this week?

Saturday we had a day of 70 degrees & we played outside 
& did a little shopping! Perfect day!

Then on snowed 21 inches of snow!
A record amount here in my hometown!
We can't even get our 4WD out of the garage!!

Friday night Grandpa & Grandma Thomason came down for the evening
& took us to Logans Steakhouse for the kids bdays! YUM!!
Then we played the Wii games....even got grandpa to dance!

Got to go to my first HOG show with Lauren last week...they are so CUte!!!!
I can't wait till she has one!!

Brooke got the day off of school due to the snow so we made the best
of it & started it off with snowman pancakes!! :)

I made Lettuce wraps & they were yummy thanks to my blog friend Amber!
I will post all about it & share the recipe with ya!! 

I love snow days hanging with the kids. I am pretty sure we are
stuck in the house for days!!! 

JOY...this picture expresses pure JOY to me. We have a 
couple in our church that just had a baby on Sunday.
They are young...not married yet...but trying their best to 
do what is right for the baby. She had to have an emergency c-section on
Sunday & baby Zane is 4 weeks early. But this is Nate right 
after Zane's birth calling his family. 
He was bawling when he came out...pure JOY!

So we are snowed
making the best of it!!

You shall go out in JOY
and be led back in peace;
the mountains and the hills before you
shall burst into song,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. 
Isaiah 55:12


  1. ahhh, Steph, such a fun joy post to read! I love the snowman pancakes. And, the picture of Nate reminds me of my son when he came out after his first child was born! Thank you for your comments to me! Keep enjoying these days with your family!

  2. Love the new dad! We are snowed in also, we got about the same as you, Molly tried to go out and play, but she was having a hard time standing!

  3. Isn't this snow amazing!! So glad you are having fun. Love the picture of the new daddy, hits so close to home!! Have a great week and stay warm!!


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