Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I count it all JOY...A day late..:)

So I'm a day late..but I can still be JOYFUL!!
Join my friend Angel as we count our JOYS today...
a day late...:)

Why am I filled with JOY?

Welp...we finished painting the inside of our house & my
arm didn't fall off.

Notes from my past youth girls who are grown women now.

We riped up our carpet!! Yeah!! Gonna stain the rest of our floors.

Even in the midst of my sister going thru the most difficult time of her life,
I know God is going to use this to draw her closer to Him.

The True Loves Waits series that our youth is going thru on Wed. nights.

My husband & his desire to see others come to Jesus.

Rainy days.

Learning to take control of food instead of it controlling me.

Subbing for the first time all month!! 

My kids & how much they make me laugh. 

Winter Jam concert! Watching my girls worship! 

Have a great day!


  1. Yea! Love your list!! Reading the "taking control of food and it not controlling" oh my, HUGE struggle here! As I am eating chex mix, sweet and salty-my fave!! Hooray for painting your house!!

  2. Great post! I looked for this post from you yesterday. So glad to see it today!


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