Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Letters

I watched Jenna Bush interview her grandparents yesterday...

They have been married 66 years...almost unheard of these days...

They talked about how love letters are not saved like they used to be
because of emails...text...twitter & such. It's not on paper anymore.
The Bush's read some of their letters...oh they were precious.

I was inspired to write a letter to Matt yesterday. But then I sent an
email out to my PWs that I am meeting with today & Suzanne said
she decorated a piece of paper for everyone in her family & they all
 had to write something nice about each other on it. LOVE THAT!!

Ya'll don't know this...but I have some MAD scrapbooking skills...
I used to scrapbook all the time with one of my friends. So I put those
skills to work & made some cute pages for us to write on & we all
took turns writing something nice to each other....

It's amazing what they will say to each other...LOL!!
I cherish this piece of paper with their handwriting on it.
Thought I would share a few pics from last night...
Matt brought home Olive Garden to give me the night off!

And he & Jaden brought us home some flowers...
We made chocolate covered strawberries...

My Valentine...:) 

So this is my challenge to all of you....get out a piece of paper...
Write a love letter to your spouse today. 
Will you join me in saving hand written love letters??


  1. What a FUN nighht you guys had!!
    We wrote "what we love about you" notes yesterday too, and we read them out loud to each other at the dinner table. It was sweet and sometimes funny! The best part ~ seeing a sister smile when the other sister said something really nice about her. Or seeing a brother laugh that he and his Daddy both like the same things about each other. Or seeing the little one smile because every one of us mentioned that she was always so helpful.
    It was awesome, and I hope we do it every year. I will post all of our letters on my blog when I can find time!! Soon, I hope!

  2. Yes, I will join you in this. I have a framed letter from my husband on our bedroom wall, that he wrote to me a few Christmases ago and there is one framed that I wrote to him a few Father's Days ago, and I have one framed in my windowsill that my Mom wrote to me about 10 Mother's Days ago!
    That is so cool that he brought Olive Garden to you, because we tried to go there, but the line was too long!
    And, I love chocolate strawberries. It's been a while since we've done those, but we did have some good strawberries last Friday night.

  3. We have our letters from over 29 years ago!

    This was a fun post. And I definitely want some of those strawberries! (with the chocolate)

  4. My heartfelt letter from my hub was my favorite part of my Valentine's gift.. so meaningful and what I will remember! I put all my notes from him in a protective sheet covering so nothing can happen to them!

    We also did our personal wedding vows to each other through a note on paper and gave them to each other after our rehearsal dinner! I love reading feelings on paper :)

  5. What a wonderful idea for everyone to do :) The look on the kids faces say it all !!! Those strawberries look divine!!!


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