Monday, February 21, 2011

Bye Bye Rubber Ducky

10 years ago we moved into our new home.

My kids were 4, 2 & 10 months. Just babies!!!

When they were babies I had their pictures taken in a little bathtub
with a rubber ducky. So I decided this bathroom would be decorated
with those cute pictures & ducks.

And it was good when they were little...but now they are 14, 12 & 10.
Not so much...& Lauren now has her own bathroom upstairs.

While we were snowed in last week I decided it was time to update!! 
And Taa is how it turned out!! 
We took down the big plain mirror, new shower curtain, new drawer pulls, 
sanded and re-stained the wood, put up new molding, painted & glazed the walls.
The pictures really don't show the true color, but it's close enough. 

Saying goodbye to the duckies was like saying goodbye them being babies.
But it's time...sniff hoo. 


  1. LOOKS FAB! You did an awesome job!

  2. beautiful! Yesterday my husbands parents were over and we were having the conversation that we need new couches! It's been 7 years and ours are getting pretty hard to sit on! :) Funny how time flies!

  3. Oh, Steph, you guys did amazing! I bet it did hurt the heart a bit though :) It looks beautiful - makes me wanna redecorate something!


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