Friday, February 25, 2011

Becoming Less

First week...

I lost 3 pounds!!! Woo hoo!!

I thought I would start each week with something I am changing.

First I sat down & calculated points for foods I was planning on eating.

I went to the grocery store & really took the time to look at labels & make healthy choices.

One of the main changes I tried this week was portion control.

When I felt myself getting full...I stopped. 

I didn't take too much...I measured out a portion & knew the points. 

I sounds so simple. But for  me...not so much.

I prayed each day that I would let God fill me...not rely on the food.

So this week if you are struggling with food
1. Get a plan
2. Pay attention to how much you are eating.

You will notice a huge difference in  a week! 

This verse really spoke to me this week....
Philippians 3:19
Their end is destruction their God is their belly & their glory is their shame,
 with minds set on earthly things. 


  1. Good job. The big one for me ... Pepsi. I know how bad it is, but I still love it. And not good for the waistline.

  2. One thing that has really helped me is keeping track of calories. I used where you can look up foods and their calorie counts as well as plug in your own recipes and it gives you the amount of calories per portion. You can also log exercise and calories burned.

  3. Good job Steph! So proud and happy for you :) Also, wanted to let you know Jantz said tonight
    "Steph is such a great teacher!" I said....She's that and soo much more :)

    Have a blessed weekend !! Love you

  4. WAY TO GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Proud of you!


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