Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I count it all JOY Wednesday!!

It's get your JOYFUL heart ready to
 Praise Our God for He Is Might to Save!

Grab my friend Angel's button & join us!

Why am I JOYFUL this week?

The snow is almost gone!

It is suppose to be 70 degrees today!
WOW what a difference a week makes!

This little guy made his debut into the world last week.
Jeremiah Adsit
His mommy & daddy grew up at FCC & now they are on staff
in our children's ministry. Jessica is Brooke's small group leader. We love them!!

Brooke finally got to have her friend party on Friday night. 
We played Minute to win it games. They had to pull all the Kleenex out of a 
box in one floor was covered in Kleenex afterwards. 
Of course I had to make it a Canon moment...

My mom made us cupcakes for Valentines...yummy!

I am going to start a new Friday Blog this week.
Don't want to miss this journey that I am starting!

We have began painting the inside of our house.
Though this creates a disaster area for a week or so...
it's been something I've wanted to do for years!! 
I will show you pics later.
It will be worth the mess.

Back to BSF's so refreshing.

God has blessed me with being able to be a stay at home mom 
all of these years. One choice I will never regret.

Going to the movies with Jaden's class today!!
(part of being a SAHM)

Studying the Book of James at church.

Tokbox with my PWs yesterday.

3 amazing kids
One Incredible husband
One Awesome God

Psalm 66:1
Shout for JoY to GOD,
all the earth!


  1. Great post, Steph! I was debating with myself about whether I would get my Joy post done today, but I just decided I will! Thank you!

  2. We are so much alike its scarey fun! ;)

    I have got to get Tokbox so we can chat! First, I gotta get through this move from city to another across Houston. I love your Wednesday posts. Have a great day. :)

  3. Love your Joy!! The minute to win it games sound fun!! Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers for Shane!!

    Love you!!

  4. Our snow is almost gone too. So excited. Love the Kleenex picture and yum to those cupcakes.


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