Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HaPpY 12th BiRtHdAy Brooke!!

Brookie...that's what we call her...

Or sometimes Smookie....

Our Brooke....She is something else.
Actually she is pretty much a carbon copy of me...God love her!!! LOL!
She is full of life...loves her friends & family.
Brooke is a chatter...singer...dancer.
She is a goof ball!

She is loud & laughs loud!!! Which makes u laugh too!!!
She is not afraid of strangers...infact I won't be shocked
if she ends up on the missions field someday.
You never know what's gonna come out of that
silly mouth of hers. She tells ya like it is!!
But at the same time can be very sensitive & a pleaser.
Brooke is a little more girly girl than her sister...
she likes bows...headbands & cute zee clothes.
She loves little kids & makes a great babysitter.
Brooke loves to entertain & play games. 
She is my girl who will crawl up next to you 
& watch TV all day! A snuggler!!! 
Very typical middle child. 
Today we will stay inside due to the snow & play 
& snuggle! 



    I love this girl so much and admire her in so many ways.
    You & Matt have done such a good job raising her to be a wonderful young woman of God. I love spending time with her and hearing her funny stories. I can't wait to see the great things this girl will do for God's kingdom!


  2. Happy Birthday to your special Brooke! :) She is blessed if she's just like you. Hope yalls snow in day together was wonderful. Stay warm.

  3. Happy Birthday to Brooke! Molly is just like me, too, which is scary!! But Molly also sounds a ton like Brooke! Have a great day :)


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