Monday, November 16, 2009

Caring Bridge for Lori

If you have a family member with a serious condition or has to be hospitalized for a long amount of time...I recommend you start a Caring Bridge Page for them. While my dad was in the hospital for his Liver Transplant, we had one and it was so good for us. You can update about them and people can write encouraging notes to them on there also. You can post pictures and your guest can sign up to receive notices when the Caring Bridge site is updated. It was so great for our family because after get worn out with all the questions and you really feel bad but you just want to say...I can't handle answering any more questions today!! This site allows people to keep updated so you can focus on the health of your family member. I love it and it is free. SO go here and let my cousin Lori know you are praying for you. You might tell her that you know me so she won't wonder who in the world you are! LOL!! Go here to see her site.

And we are also passing out blue yarn bracelets at church and everywhere for people to wear to remember to pray for Lori. She really needs our prayers! Pray for her kids, Lacy, Jacob and Austin also. Thanks so much for doing this. You are all so precious to me!!


  1. So sweet! I will go and "visit" her! Praying for your family!

  2. I've never heard of this site before!? How amazing. What a blessing you are to your cousin Lori.

  3. Hi Steph T,

    I'm glad to hear that CaringBridge has been a help to you and your family. Thanks so much for recommending the site to others! We also have materials for faith communities such as bulletin inserts and flyers if you need them -

    Kind regards,
    - Melissa Holm, Media Relations Specialist, CaringBridge


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