Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dallas...Hotel...No kids!!!

Yeah! Matt and I leave today for Dallas. I am so excited! We are in need of some time alone! We have always gotten away once a year alone just to refresh our marriage. It can be a simple few days or even a cruise! you haven't taken a cruise alone with with your hubby...Do it! We took one on our 10 year anniversary and went again on our 15 year anniversary! LOVE IT!! We have made a pack to go every 5 years for the rest of our lives if the Lord blesses us to do so! (oh please I hope so...:) Which that is the last time we have gotten away...April 2008! Yes...haven't stayed in a hotel alone since then! WHAT?? That is just waaay to long for us! It has been a tough year for us...transitioning out of the youth and a lot of other changes that have took it's toll on us. It has definately been a journey for me...I have had a pretty negative attitude, depressed, confused and felt lost over the year at church and as a wife. But this summer I started digging my way out of that pit and realized God has an amazing plan for me and I could feel sorry for myself and miss out on the blessings He had for me or start being used by Him again and bless others! I started to open myself up again to was freeing.

Anyway, I think this conference will be a time of growing for Matt and I. A time for us to look back over the year and see what God has done and to take a look at the future with excitement together as a couple and know that God is going to continue to use us as a team to fulfill His purpose. I am so blessed to be in this position in life. So blessed to have a husband who truly seeks God's will in his life and has a desire to see the "harvest" grow in the kingdom.

So off to Dallas we stay in a hotel alone...wink wink! My sister is here taking care of my kids. They love her...she spoils them! Which I am so thankful for!


  1. Awww!! Have an awesome time together! Praying traveling mercies and for the Lord to refresh you two in HIM and in one another!

    when you get back I want to go to lunch and "talk" :) k


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