Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My mom....29 years in Service

My mom has worked at First Bank of Owasso for 29 years. I am just so proud of her! They opened a New facility today. I have to is just beautiful inside and out. It's the tallest building in Owasso! 5 Stories! My mom started working there when I was 8 years old...the same age as my son Jaden is now...that is crazy! Let me just tell you a little bit about my mom... she grew up with an alcoholic father who was abusive to my grandma, but my grandma was an amazing mom to her, but was stuck in a situation she didn't know how to get out of and back then, it wasn't talked about at all. They were dirt poor and my mom spent many days with her Grandma because of the situation at home. When my mom was 16 she meet my dad @ a skating rink...within a year she was married with a baby @ 17 years of age moved 100 miles away from home and still managed to graduate from High School in the middle of all that! My parents have been married almost 41 years. So impressive considering their start.
My mom took this job at the bank way back when and has managed to stay there thru many changes. She doesn't have a college degree...just a good work ethic and knows how to help people out. She goes above and beyond to help people. And she is so smart...I often wonder if she would have had the same opportunities I have been given...where she might be. Today during the dedication our Mayor mentioned my mom in his speech...she was so humbled and couldn't believe he said such nice things about her. As we toured the building today....a common thing keep happening...I keep hearing "Hi Pam...and then people would give her a hug (she is a hugger like me) and thanked her for taking such great care of them and they all would say..."You know you're in good hands with Pam". I just watched her...with so much pride in my heart that she is my mom.
My sister and I got her some flowers...she is so pretty!

This is the Eagle in the Lobby with Isaiah 40:31 on!

The beautiful fountain out front

Wow...what a building!

It was Veterans Day...

The Banks Core Values...Integrity...Caring...Excellence...

Just so proud of my mom! I love you!! She is an Amazing, Godly woman!

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  1. That is so sweet! Good for your Mom! Your Mom and my Mom sound a lot alike! That building is awesome, and it's nice to know that hard work can get you just as far as any old degree! Go Pam!!


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